Children at our Borders: Disease-Ridden, Criminal Invaders or Asylum Seekers?

As I was driving home the other day, a group of people was gathered on the overpass with their usual “Honk if you want to impeach Obama” banner (no one honked) and the sign du jour: “Protect our borders”. They were just a small group of anti-Obama people that gather there periodically, but the ugly face of nativism mixed with … Continue reading

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Greg Zoeller’s Claim That He Has an “Obligation” to Defend Indiana’s Marriage Discrimination Laws Doesn’t Pass the Smell Test

Attorney General Greg Zoeller must be feeling some political heat from the majority of Hoosiers who now support the right of gays and lesbians to marry the person they love. In a letter appearing in July 2nd‘s Indianapolis Star, Zoeller now claims he had no choice but to defend Indiana’s marriage discrimination laws. He also excuses his decision to seek … Continue reading


Three Days in Indiana: Love Interrupted

The past week and a half has not seen such a huge flurry of activity in Indiana regarding the status of same-sex marriage since last winter’s hearings on HJR-3.  Last Wednesday, Judge Richard L. Young ruled that Indiana’s state law banning same-sex couples from marrying or having their marriages from other states recognized was struck down as unconstitutional.  Almost immediately, … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Supreme Court’s Decision on Corporate Religious Liberty

Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that corporations, which are somehow people, have religious rights, except only some of them do, and that those rights only exist if they object to abortion and/or contraception, when they are sincerely held, but no other sincerely held religious beliefs count. If that long sentence seems confusing, so is the logic of the majority opinion. … Continue reading

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Bringing Indiana into the 21st Century: Victory for Marriage Equality

Today, US District Judge Richard Young struck down Indiana’s laws banning same-sex marriage as unconstitutional under the due process and equal protection clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment. The case in question, Bakin et al v. Bogan et al was filed in March of this year. Judge Young had previously ruled that Indiana had to recognize the Massachusetts marriage of one … Continue reading

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Fixing our Streets: Avoiding Long-term Financing of Projects with Short Lifespans

Recently I was on vacation in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Portions of the street leading to where we were staying really showed municipal neglect. Still, neglect alone has nothing over neglect plus winter; the streets of Indianapolis are much worse. I don’t really want to comment on the little spat that the City-County Council had with the Department of Public Works … Continue reading

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Cowardice and Cronyism (Public Asset Sales and Broad Ripple TIF Money) or How E-mail Juxtaposition Teaches Us Why Government is So Unpopular

I get too much e-mail. Like many people, I asked for it by giving my e-mail address away too often, but sometimes my inbox puts two messages next to each other that make me think. Returning from a vacation to an overflowing inbox, I had just such an incident. First, I had an e-mail from Citizens Energy explaining in very … Continue reading


Get Out to Vote on Tuesday May 6!

Just a quick post to urge everyone to get out and vote in the Indiana primary.  There are contests in both Central Indiana congressional districts, for Marion County Sheriff, and various other races.  Turnout is expected to be low, so your vote could very easily tip the balance in many of these contests. The best place to get information on … Continue reading

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The Demise of Net Neutrality and the Capture of the Internet—Coming to Us Soon?

Ah, the Internet. Some things are universal. No, I don’t mean the Internet. I actually mean the incredible lust of the telecoms and their younger siblings, the cable giants, to completely and totally own the Internet. If the FCC prevails with its proposed rule changes, they may get their way. First, some background may be in order. The Internet was … Continue reading

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One Million Page Views!

Thank you, dear readers! When we first conceived of creating a new political blog near the end of 2011, we were hoping to provide a voice for ideas we felt passionately about and to provide a forum for others like ourselves. We set as our goals that we should educate our readers on the issues, advocate for the changes that … Continue reading

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